TRP’s Legacy Continues as It Celebrates 10 Years of Service

The Tennessee Rural Partnership (TRP) moves into 2016 with gratitude and optimism. Our mission of maximizing access to primary care in rural and underserved areas of Tennessee drives our daily work. To date we have placed 112 clinicians in rural and underserved communities across the state.

Founding CEO Cindy Siler, recently left TRP to reenter the community health center world. While she will be missed, her leadership has left a strong organization and a solid foundation for the future.

The staff of TRP is a dedicated, talented and experienced team. We have shifted some responsibilities in order to best work with our partners, including TPCA, and to accomplish our mission. Bill Jolley, Vice President of Rural Health Issues, continues as our leader. Bill was a driving force in the establishment of TRP, and he is perfectly placed to direct us as we move forward.

Here is a brief overview of the new roles that our existing staff will fill:
►Denise Primm, Assistant Vice President of Workforce Operations & Recruitment, will oversee the daily operations of the organization, including direction and supervision of the recruitment staff and management of the TRP stipend and incentive programs.
►Nathalie Preptit, Director of Outreach Services and Partner Engagement, will be responsible for maintaining relationships with stakeholders and expanding stakeholder collaboration. Her emphasis will be on Tennessee’s medical schools in order to meet the needs of the health care workforce in rural and underserved communities in the state. Nathalie will also be directing our conference and exhibit participation.
►Kristin Neal, Program Manager, will assist staff with the execution of departmental goals and problem resolution. She will be responsible for coordination of staff workflow, outcomes and work on special projects.

The rest of our staff is positioned to provide help with recruitment and retention efforts:
►Mary Ann Watson, Director of Workforce Network Development, will continue her role as liaison for TPCA’s/TRP’s join venture CHEERS. Mary Ann also works with the state’s training programs to arrange TRP rural rotations for clinicians across the state and works at the state level with the Center for Health Workforce Advisory Board and other workforce groups to address rural workforce issues.
►Tselanie Stovall Mitchell, Network and Quality Operations Manager, oversees tracking and reporting and manages the Tennessee Healthcare Information Portal, which provides enhanced licensure data at the provider level to assist in health planning. She also directs TRP’s pipeline program for high school students interested in health careers, including TRP STAR, which awards six scholarships and shadowing opportunities for high school students in their own communities.
►Julia Hall, Recruiting and Communications Specialist, works with candidates and practice sites to facilitate the best match for both. She travels the state to share your job opportunities with potential candidates at the medical schools, residency programs, nurse practitioner and physician assistant programs, as well as participating in national conferences and exhibits.

In the near future, we plan to add an additional Recruiting Specialist to assist in recruitment efforts across the state.

TRP’s services are free, with no contract required. We are a unique service that has access to both new graduates and experienced clinicians. TRP administers several practice inventive programs to attract clinicians to rural practice. It is our goal to match candidates to rural and underserved practice sites, which maximizes access to primary health care for Tennessee’s citizens.